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The Turner Free School Conduct at TFS

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Conduct at TFS

How we learn

LEARN Stands for:

L – Listen and follow instructions first time
E – Enter on time, prepared for learning
A – Always do our best
R – Respect ourselves and others
N – Never make excuses

We will follow the LEARN rules throughout the school day. This will help us to enjoy our learning and be considerate to each other in and out of lessons. We believe that the LEARN habits are vital to every scholars’ success:

L – Listen and follow instructions first time

If scholars listen carefully in lessons, they will make excellent progress. As respectful members of our school community, they should follow instructions from all members of staff, first time, without exception. This will also prevent any learning time from being lost through disruption.

E – Enter on time, prepared for learning

Being late for lessons in never acceptable. If scholars are to maximise their opportunities to progress and succeed, they must be on time. They must also ensure that they have everything they need with them, ready to learn, including their homework and PE kit.

A – Always do our best

If scholars wish to succeed and achieve, they must always work hard and try their best in every activity. Sometimes, this will require resilience in order to keep going even when faced with challenging tasks. A positive and diligent attitude will enable all scholars to be successful.

R – Respect ourselves and others

Scholars at TFS are respectful of themselves and others, at all times. In order to create a school community in which all of us are able to thrive and be successful, we must all be polite and considerate at all times. Being respectful means not interrupting the learning of others at any time. These attributes will ensure that each scholar is a tolerant and courteous citizen.

N – Never make excuses

Success requires hard work. There are no short-cuts to achievement. Therefore, at TFS, we never make excuses for poor attitude or poor behaviour. Everyone is allowed to make mistakes and learn from them, but scholars who try their best every day, no matter what, will be successful.

How we flow

Transitions between the classrooms will FLOW. This is in order to ensure that the environment is positive for all members of our community and that no learning time is lost:

F – FLOW between lessons / activities
L – Left (walk on the left)
O – Observe silence in the corridors
W – Walk with purpose

FLOW will help us to get to lessons on time and to show consideration to others as we move around the school.

How we eat

Lunchtime is a time to enjoy conversations with classmates as well as members of staff. Everybody will have a job assigned to them, from setting or clearing the table to serving up different parts of the meal.

E – Everyone eats together
A – Attentive (we are) to each other
T – Try everything and we are Thankful