Online Safety

Where can I report online or e-safety issues?

ChildNet International - You can report harassment, pornographic images or any kind of grief on facebook, twitter, youtube, Playstation or X-Box via ChildNet.

CEOP Report - If you are suspicious about someone’s behaviour towards a child report to CEOP

Internet Watch Foundation - If you see any criminal content you should report to the Internet Watch Foundation

True Vision - If you see any content that incites hatred you should report to True Vision

Advice and Blogs 

Parent / Carer 

BBC Own It App

A new app for phones and tablets has been launched by the BBC called Own It. The app can be downloaded on children’s tablets or phones and it looks at what they type on their keyboard. 

If the child is typing something mean or hurtful, the app will intervene and ask whether that will hurt someone else’s feelings.

If the child types in personal info, the app will ask whether they are sure they want to share this information with someone else.

If the child types in phrases linked to bullying, the app will present resources such as videos to support them.

This is a very useful tool to encourage online safety, especially when children are online without adult supervision.

Search for ‘BBC Own It’ on the Apple app store or the Google Play store to download.

Parents Protect!

Information and resources which aim to raise awareness about child sexual abuse. It answer questions and gives adults the information, advise, support and facts, they need to help protect their child.


Information and resources which aim to keep children safe when they are home, out and about or online.

Kent County Council

A tablet based app designed to help parents and carers talk about online safety issues with their children to ensure that they make smart choices to stay safe online.

11-18 Year Olds

ChildNet International

11-18 year olds can find advise and blogs on how to help them use the internet safely, responsibly and positively with hot tips on how to stay safe online.

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