Turner 25

Turner 25 - Preparing our Pupils

As a Trust we work hard to ensure our pupils receive a high-quality and academically focused education, however this is by no means the limit of our ambitions. There is a wealth of evidence highlighting the challenges facing children who grow up in coastal communities like ours, and it is so important that we go beyond the classroom to support young people in all aspects of their lives.

Our five schools serve pupils from 2-18 across Folkestone in one of the most deprived communities in the South East, which is why we want to provide the extracurricular activities that we know will prove hugely important to their long-term development.

Our ‘T25’ experiences can broadly be divided into the following categories:

  • Capturing culture

  • Creative performing

  • Connecting with the community

  • Acting mindfully

  • Staying safe

Below is the list of 25 activities our pupils will complete during the 5 years they are at TFS. At the end of Year 11 they will be awarded a Turner 25 certificate.

  1. Participate in a community litter picking day.

  2. Participate in a peer-mentoring session on Anti-Bullying.

  3. Participate in peer mentoring session on mental health first aid and body confidence.

  4. Participate in a Mindfulness course.

  5. Participate in a charity event.

  6. Participate in an outdoor activity.

  7. Participate in 'Write for Right' - Amnesty International.

  8. Organise a charity event.

  9. Participate in a Leadership course.

  10. Watch a Shakespeare Play.

  11. Visit a religious place of worship.

  12. Participate in map reading and orienteering.

  13. Visit an art gallery or musical performance.

  14. Participate in a refugee engagement event.

  15. Experience food from different cultures.

  16. Work with younger children.

  17. Visit a University.

  18. Attend a sports event.

  19. Participate in first aid course.

  20. Visit France.

  21. Participate in team working / problem solving workshop.

  22. Participate in an overnight camping trip.

  23. Visit tourist places in London.

  24. Learn basic cooking skills.

  25. Participate in Sixth Form Futures Fortnight.

Turner 50

Pupils who join Folkestone Academy from one of our Trust primary schools will be awarded a Turner 50 award after completing both Turner 25 at primary school and Turner 25 at Turner Free School.