Pastoral Support

Our Pastoral System plays an integral role in allowing scholars to succeed academically and develop as a tolerant, respectful and courteous citizen.

We recognise that scholars and their families face a wide range of barriers. At TFS, we will work with scholars, families, outside agencies and the wider community in order to overcome such issues.

If you have any concerns regarding your son or daughter’s behaviour or wellbeing, please contact Miss Tyler or Mr Chapman.

Our Vision for Excellent Pastoral Care at the Turner Free School:

  • Every child is known by the Pastoral Team

  • Scholars feel happy and safe

  • Scholars feel confident in speaking to someone if they are concerned or upset

  • Scholars feel respected and show respect to others

  • All scholars are supported to achieve the best they possibly can in whatever they do

  • Scholars’ talents are recognised and celebrated

  • Parents feel confident in and supported by the Pastoral Team

  • Communication with parents/outside agencies is excellent

  • Communication with other staff is effective and allows scholars to feel supported holistically

  • Issues of poor behaviour are dealt with consistently and effectively

To contact a member of the pastoral team please email