Duke of Edinburgh

For more information about the Duke of Edinburgh Award, please contact our co-ordinator, Mr Wildman (craig.wildman@turnerschools.com)

At Turner Free School, we believe in providing our students with opportunities that extend beyond the classroom, fostering personal growth, resilience, and a sense of adventure. One such avenue is the Duke of Edinburgh Award program, a prestigious initiative that empowers young individuals to challenge themselves, develop essential life skills, and make a positive impact on their communities.

The Duke of Edinburgh Award, commonly known as DofE, is a globally recognized youth development program founded by His Royal Highness The Duke of Edinburgh in 1956. The program aims to equip young people aged 14-24 with valuable life skills, enhance their 

employability, and broaden their horizons through a series of challenging and rewarding 


The DofE Award is comprised of four progressive levels - Bronze, Silver, Gold, and the recently introduced Diamond Award. Each level involves participants undertaking activities in four key areas:

Volunteering: Contributing to the community by engaging in activities that make a positive impact.

Physical: Encouraging a healthy, active lifestyle by participating in sports, fitness, or outdoor activities.

Skills: Developing personal interests and practical skills, nurturing a passion for learning beyond the academic curriculum.

Expedition: Fostering teamwork, leadership, and resilience through adventurous journeys in the great outdoors

Why do DofE?