School Uniform

Our uniform has been chosen with great care. Our priority was to find a uniform that is smart, fit for purpose, economical and easy to care for. Our dress code is practical and allows a choice within very clear boundaries. The dress code applies both within school and on the journey to and from school.

We took into consideration input we had from prospective parents and pupils to help us make our final decisions.

We ask in return that you and your children take care that they all come to school in the correct uniform and that each item is clean and clearly named.

Uniform Items

All items will be available to purchase online on the Price and Buckland website.

Click here to view the price list and for guidance on sizing:

Measuring Your Child

Video on how to measure your child


A choice of jumper, cardigan and/or tank tops with two blue trim and school logo


There is a choice of pale blue or white buttoned shirts, these can be fully buttoned or have a revere collar. These can be purchased online at the school uniform shop or at a local supplier/supermarket


Smart black or navy trousers 


Stitch down pleat tartan skirt. Please note this must not be rolled up.

Socks and shoes

All shoes must be: sensible; plain black; ‘polishable’; non-trainers; not canvas; without heels; without logos. Trousers will sit over them. If a pupil is wearing the wrong footwear, their family will be contacted to bring the correct footwear into school or the pupil will be asked to change into footwear provided by the school.

If you are unsure whether or not a shoe is appropriate, then please email a photo of the footwear to your child's Pastoral Team for confirmation. Additionally, please see the following photos for examples of shoes v trainers and what will and not be allowed:

Socks and tights – pupils can wear ankle or knee length blue or black socks or tights. Please note that over-the-knee socks are not permitted.

Sports Wear

Pupils will also need to wear shin pads and a mouthguard for their hockey lessons and in other sports as required. These can be purchased in store or online from many outlets including Amazon, Sports Direct and Tescos.

ID card and lanyard

Pupils are required to wear their ID card and lanyard at all times. Failure to do so will result in a sanction.


Hair should be of a natural colour and style, without shavings or patterns. Pupils must have natural hairline with no undercutting or fashion styles. A pupil may be asked to tie back hair for health and safety reasons e.g. in Science/PE. Hair bands should be of one simple colour. No other hair accessories are necessary. Eyebrows should be natural, with no modifications or shavings.



Make up